<div class='CampLocDetails'> <div class = 'hero'> <div class = 'helper'><img id = 'locImg' src='https://admin.campstay.com.au/assets/public/content/image/3909/41ca9107-9c90-4c32-b283-c9ca152507e5' alt = ''></div> </div> <div class ='herotextback'><h1>Holidays Parks in Hamilton-Waikato</h1><p class = 'subTitle'>North Island</p></div> <div id = 'locDescript'><div class ='more'><p>Hamilton is at the centre of the world’s richest agricultural areas and is a key service hub for the Waikato region. Hamilton is situated on the banks of the Waikato River. Best appreciated during a scenic riverside walk and boat cruise, the area attracts tourists all year round.</p> <p>Only 1.5 hours from south Auckland, Hamilton is central to a variety of popular tourist attractions. The warm and welcoming locals and rich history ensure visitors are spoilt for choice for places to explore, adventure and relax.</p> <p>From lush green gardens to historic precincts, Hamilton combines adventure, fine dining and picturesque landscapes. Campstay has many holiday parks in Hamilton-Waikato to explore.</p></div></div> </div>