<div class='CampLocDetails'> <div class = 'hero'> <div class = 'helper'><img id = 'locImg' src='https://admin.campstay.com.au/assets/public/content/image/1215/f05276b7-01c9-4fca-ab2b-a12f6a96936e' alt = 'Snowy Mountain'></div> </div> <div class ='herotextback'><h1>Caravan Parks in the Snowy Mountains</h1><p class = 'subTitle'>New South Wales</p></div> <div id = 'locDescript'><div class ='more'>The Snowy Mountains region is one of Australia’s most iconic natural treasures. There are many holiday parks in the Snowy Mountains listed with Campstay. The region is a popular destination for sailing, kayaking, fishing and camping. The Snowy Mountains are known for having some of the best touring routes in Australia. Enjoy the scenery as you travel through fascinating valleys and snow-capped mountains. Whether you seek a retreat from the bustling city, or want to learn about the land’s rich history and culture, you have found the perfect location for a truly memorable holiday.</div></div> </div>