<div class='CampLocDetails'> <div class = 'hero'> <div class = 'helper'><img id = 'locImg' src='https://admin.campstay.com.au/assets/public/content/image/3900/b192e287-e9d6-48f7-ae09-edcc88588c32' alt = ''></div> </div> <div class ='herotextback'><h1>Holdiays Parks in Dunedin</h1><p class = 'subTitle'>South Island</p></div> <div id = 'locDescript'><div class ='more'><p>Dunedin is the South Island’s second largest city, covering approximately 3,300 square kilometres. Referred to as the Edinburgh of New Zealand, the city wears its Scottish heritage with pride.</p> <p>Located on the central-eastern coast of Otago, this urban area extends into the surrounding valley, hills, Otago Harbour and Pacific Ocean.</p> <p>Crowned one of the best-preserved Edwardian and Victorian cities in the Southern Hemisphere, Dunedin encompasses unique landscapes, historic architecture, rugged coastline and a rich culture.</p> <p>Campstay has many holiday parks in Hamilton-Waikato to explore.</p></div></div> </div>