<div class='CampLocDetails'> <div class = 'hero'> <div class = 'helper'><img id = 'locImg' src='https://admin.campstay.com.au/assets/public/content/image/1760/221a7ca9-90dc-43e6-826d-78835a85eca3' alt = 'Queanbeyan Riverside Tourist Park'></div> </div> <div class ='herotextback'><h1>Queanbeyan</h1><p class = 'subTitle'>New South Wales</p></div> <div id = 'locDescript'><div class ='more'>Queanbeyan is a prosperous river city, 3.5 hours from Sydney and approximately 15 minutes from Canberra's major attractions. Nearby are the NSW snowfields, the beautiful South Coast and historical towns Bungendore and Braidwood. Queanbeyan has a variety of things to see and do, from cultural attractions, lively events and festivals, historical landmarks, cafes and restaurants, modern sporting facilities, a world class performing arts theatre and a talented arts community. Queanbeyan is celebrated its 175th birthday in 2013; the city has a fascinating history and has long been known as the city that built the Nation's Capital. The community has, since the 1950's, been a very multicultural one. Queanbeyan now has the most diverse multicultural community outside of metropolitan Sydney. Queanbeyan is not only diverse but is one of the fastest growing cities and regions in NSW, why don't you come for a drive and find out for yourself.</div></div> <div id = 'locMap' value = '149.23208,-35.35444'></div> </div>
-35.35444 149.23208