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Moruya Heads
Dolphin Beach

Moruya Heads

New South Wales

South Head Moruya is a stunning location and a surfing mecca for locals. Not only the two legged type, but the Dolphins which are seen in pods surfing the waves in the same formation as humans: in line, darting in and out of the best breaks. If you don't see the Dolphins at aptly named Dolphin Beach, head to Toragy. Here you'll have great vantage point to see the whales during migration. And it's a great pace to surf, swim and fish. Along the break-wall you will often see fishermen; the fish run in and out with the tide here. To make the most of South Head, stay a few days or longer at Dolphin Beach Holiday Park or hire a cottage. If you do spend a few days then be sure to bring your kayak as you can launch from several points or bring your bicycle for added enjoyment.
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