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A traveller’s guide to camping solo

Do you want to set off on a solo adventure, but something is holding you back? Unfortunately, a phenomenon we like to call “Wolf Creek Paranoia” has deterred people from solo camping trips.  Here at Campstay, we’re going to bring you back to reality and show you just how great camping on your own can be!

We’ve compiled years of experience and advice from frequent solo campers, to show you how to make this the best camping or caravanning holiday you will ever experience. So fear not, fellow campers! Travelling on your own isn’t scary, it’s not a recipe for disaster, and you’re definitely not going to regret it.

All you need is a good vehicle, a wicked playlist, and a sense of adventure!

The First Step

Always make sure your car has been recently serviced before going on long road trips!

Before setting off on any road tripping adventure it is important to check that your vehicle is in good condition! After all, you’ll probably want it to work if you’re driving for a long time. It sounds like common sense, but you would be surprised how many people miss this step!

To avoid spending extra money, breaking down, and having unnecessary delays on your trip, take your vehicle to a mechanic at least two weeks before you go. Have your mechanic check on the simple things that can often wrong with your car on long journeys. In particular, the hoses, brakes and radiator, fuel and water pumps, and fan belts. Your tyres should also be in good condition. If you’re renting a car or motorhome, ask to see the service history of the vehicle.

If you’re setting off on an outback adventure where you’ll be separated from civilisation for quite a while, consider having back up parts and learning how to replace important things such as tyres.  Also make sure your air-conditioning is working! No one wants to drive through the outback in a stinking, hot car!

The Second Step

Bring a good book or music to keep yourself entertained!

Be prepared! Along with ensuring you have all your basic camping needs (you can view our extensive camping checklist here) you need to be mentally prepared for spending most of your trip alone. However, depending on where you’re camping, you’re bound to run into other people along the way.

Listen to podcasts or sing along to good music while driving, and keep yourself busy exploring the region once you arrive at your camp site.  Bring a camera and take photos of the beautiful scenery to show your family when you get back home. Or pack a good book to read at the camp site!

The best thing about camping on your own is that you can choose exactly what you want to do and when you want to do it!
No arguments over hiking versus surfing, no frustrating attempts at getting lazy campers to join in on activities with you, and no one to eat more than their fair share of food!

The Third Step

Remember to travel light! (image via

When you arrive at the camp site, you don’t want to spend half the day unpacking your belongings. Travel light! Make sure you bring enough food for yourself, and avoid over-packing on items that won’t last if you don’t get to them in time.

If you’re sleeping in a tent then make sure it’s a small tent that’s easy to assemble by yourself – it’s a bit ridiculous if you’re bringing a ten-person tent just for yourself.

Even better if you’re travelling in a small campervan! You won’t have to set up a thing, truly making your camping trip a breeze.  Plus, renovated old vans are totally in right now. If this is something you’re into, then the Cosy Campers featured on Camplify would be right up your alley! These are a favourite of ours as they offer a home on wheels with a bit of charm and personality, rather than generic campervans just designed to get you from A to B.

Plus, seeing as you’ll be travelling alone, why not dish out on a vehicle that will make the whole experience more enjoyable?

Extra Tip:

Although solo camping is a break from civilisation and you should avoid using your phone the entire time,  it is important to bring it just in case you do run into trouble. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

If you’re considering embarking on a solo camping adventure, then do it! It will be one of the best camping holidays you will experience, plus you will be able to reconnect with both nature and yourself.  If you’re an avid solo camper, leave us a comment below with any extra tips or lessons you have learnt along the way!


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