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5 Essential Facebook caravan and camping groups (Australia)

Facebook groups – love them or loathe them, you’re probably already a member of at least 10. Facebook is overrun with thousands of groups, catering to every topic under the sun. Groups can be an amazing source of information, camaraderie, and (of course) humour.

Since we’re all about caravanning, camping, holiday parks and vanlife, we wanted to showcase some of the Australian Facebook groups in this post. Australia’s caravan and camping community is absolutely massive. From vanlifers doing their “big lap” of Australia, to grey nomads redefining retirement, people from all walks of life love life on the road. Groups can either cater to a specific demographic (like big lappers) or be centred around a particular theme (like Holiday park reviews). It can be tough wading through all the group options available, so we’ve narrowed it down to our top 5.

Each of these groups has a unique theme, so why not join them all! The members of each group provide the content, so you’ll get the most out of Facebook groups if you contribute.

1. Best Facebook group for long-term trips: Aussie Big Lappers

It’s right there in the name – this is a group for people embarking on or planning a big lap (or part of a lap) of Australia in an RV. Long-term vanlife has its own unique challenges, and the members here are experts. If you want to know what to bring with you and how to survive close-quarters with the fam, this is the place to ask.

Click here to join the Aussie Big Lappers group.

2. Best Facebook group for holiday parks and glamping: Everything Holiday Parks! Australia

Are you more of a glamper than a classic camper? Everything Holiday Parks! Australia is a fun place where you can swap holiday park and campground tips, reviews and humour.  The group leans towards families and casual campers rather than those who are on the road full-time. Full disclosure – we started this group! But don’t worry, there’s no advertising here – just a lot of laughs.

Click here to join the Everything Holiday Parks! Australia group.

3. Best Facebook group for a huge community: EVERYTHING CARAVAN & CAMPING

This massive group (and its associated buy, swap and sell group) is the biggest we could find in Australia. This group is so big and successful it regularly partners with brands and has its own website. This is the place to go if you want to reach a lot of people. However, your post may get lost since the group is so active.

Click here to join the EVERYTHING CARAVAN & CAMPING group.

4. Best Facebook group for camping hacks: Tips and Tricks Of The Caravan – Camping World.

Have a question about your fridge? Want to know how to troubleshoot your generator? Ask this 80k strong community of caravan and camping experts. Membership of this group leans towards experienced and full-time travellers, so they’ll definitely have some wisdom to share with you.

Click here to join the Tips and Tricks Of The Caravan – Camping World group.

5. Best Facebook group for laughs: Caravaners have a whinge

This small Facebook group had about 1.5k members at the time of writing, and is a true hidden gem. Despite its name, this group is not a place to have a genuine whinge. It’s a satirical take on common camping and caravanning complaints. This group definitely skews towards the grey nomad crowd, and includes a lot of classic humour. Some of the jokes are not always what we’d call “tasteful” but they are always a lot of fun.

Click here to join the Caravaners have a whinge group.

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