Get hooked on Australia’s top fishing spots

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Australia's top five fishing spots

Australia is renowned for its legendary fishing spots. From cool Southern waters to the Tropical Top End, we’re surrounded by fish-rich coastline. However, ever-changing fish migration patterns make it hard to know where these magical spots are hidden.

Some fishing enthusiasts prefer serene lakes and rivers while others enjoy throwing a line off a pier. With this in mind, we have put together five spots loved by fishers Australia-wide.


Cairns to Karumba 6-day roadtrip (Savannah Way guide – part 1)

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Stretching from Cairns to Broome, the Savannah Way is Australia’s longest and arguably most fascinating driving route, covering 3700km of bitumen. As this journey is long, most travellers tackle it in small bursts. We’ve written a guide to each section of this epic road trip, starting with Cairns to Karumba. As we publish the remainder of this guide, we’ll add links for easy access.

This section of the Savannah Way includes many attractions, gorgeous photo ops and a guaranteed encounter with wildlife. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and hit the road!

Savannah Way Itinerary


Perth and Margaret River – 5 day travel itinerary

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This tour of Perth and Margaret River showcases Australia’s diverse, picturesque natural landscapes. In just under a week, you will experience Western Australia’s true beauty. Embark on this journey for breathtaking views, indulgent tastes and endless attractions.

So many fantastic regional attractions can only be seen later in the year. Therefore, we strongly recommend travelling between September and November. This will ensure your trip coincides with the whale watching and wildflower seasons. You may also catch the Fremantle Festival (end of October) or Gourmet Escape (mid-November). Allow five to six days to make the most of this itinerary.


Camping is the best way to spend New Year’s Eve (updated for 2019)

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You’ve spent New Year’s Eve in city rooftop bars for too many years now. It all gets a bit mundane when each year is the same, right? You spend hundreds of dollars on entry fees and drink packages at bars that you could go to any old weekend. To make matters worse, you’re suckered into lining up for drinks and paying an outrageous Uber surcharge to get home. This year, why not try something different?


Review: James Baroud Evasion Evolution rooftop tent (after 3 years)

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We purchased our James Baroud Evasion Evolution rooftop tent in 2014 after several uncomfortable camping trips in a $40 Big W tent.  Since then, the tent has been on plenty of adventures, including holidays and work trips.

After three years of moderate to heavy use (on average at least one trip a month),  I finally decided to review our James Baroud – and see how it has held up.

Note: This review is not sponsored by James Baroud. The rooftop tent featured was purchased at the full retail price for personal use. The video is of our personal tent. Images are of the Apollo Motorhome Holidays Vivid Camper.


3 Easy (and delish) vegetarian camping recipes

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There’s no doubt traditional camping meals are meat-heavy. If you’re the only vego on a camping trip, you can end up with an empty stomach miles from the nearest shop. To avoid this experience, planning is key.

We’ve compiled some of our favourite vegetarian camping meals for your pleasure. All these meals are suitable for lacto-ovo vegetarians – that means they may contain eggs or dairy, but do not include any meat, fish or meat by-products. We’ve also noted possible vegan and gluten free modifications where possible.