4 Reasons to Take Your Family Camping

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Camping is perhaps the most popular outdoor activity in Australia. Every year, regardless of seasons, people make arrangements to book accommodation in caravan parks, immerse themselves in the great outdoors, and often do it with their loved ones. If you’re still considering whether you should take your family camping this year, then continue reading for our top four reasons why we think you should book your getaway today!


Highlights: The QLD Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow

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QLD Caravan, Camping, and Touring Supershow at the Brisbane Showgrounds

The 49th Annual Queensland Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow has been a hit among grey nomads, families, and other caravan and camping fanatics coming from near and far! We’re bringing you our 2017 QLD Caravan Show Highlights. If you haven’t made it to the show yet this year, fear not! You still have all weekend to head to the showgrounds.

Hundreds of exhibitors have been spread across the Brisbane showgrounds from the 7th, and will be there until the 12th of June, showcasing all the latest products and services the caravanning industry has to offer including caravans, motorhomes, camper trailers, tents, four-wheel drives, and all the latest camping gadgets. Without further ado, here are our top QLD Caravan Show highlights:

1. The caravans

There are caravans everywhere at the show – and we mean a huuuge number – with the caravan section probably twice the size of the tent and motorhome section. Who would have known that there are so many different caravans out there with unique, cool features setting each of them apart? Those looking to purchase a caravan might have a hard time choosing with all the options available!

Adria Aviva 472 PK Sport

A personal favourite (and a popular pick among the crowds too) is the Adria Aviva 472 PK Sport caravan, which is a light and easily towable caravan that features a French bed and bunk beds making it a perfect option for families looking for an affordable and smaller (and still luxurious) caravan.

2. The gadgets

There is a vast number of cool gadgets on display this year, offering anything and everything to make your next camping holiday a breeze including specially designed tracks to fit under your tyres to un-bog your 4WD when it has become trapped in sand, or solar panels to power your motorhome in an eco-friendlier way, and there are even cool, flashy looking camping barbeques that inspire you to have a cook-up!

Another cool gadget is the built-in electronic drop down bed in the Winnebago motorhomes – making it so much easier to set up your bed at night time and during the day you can put the bed back up and drive around in comfort with the extra space!

3. The parks

Visiting the tourism and holiday destination is the best section of the whole show, in our opinion. Nothing gets you more in the mood for a camping adventure than browsing park images and talking to the owners (and boy, do they love a chat!) The park owners are super friendly and helpful, and will gladly tell you all about their park, the area, and what you can do and see while you’re visiting.

4. The services



Camplify made its mark at the show this year, exhibiting for the first time in Brisbane! This is where we see the future of the industry heading – with new, innovative and unique products and services growing in the industry. For those of you who don’t know – Camplify is a new service that allows you to rent out your own caravan, camper trailer, motorhome or campervan to other holiday makers so you can make an extra buck! Perfect for those who have these vehicles lying around at home because you don’t have time to take them out, even though you’re already paying registration and insurance on it.

Next year we are looking forward to seeing new cutting-edge products and services hitting the showgrounds (has anyone heard of cardboard, disposable tents? They’re totally a thing).

Visiting the SuperShow when it comes around each year is a worthwhile experience, so make sure you make it to the showgrounds this weekend!

After visiting the show, we’re definitely in the mood for a camping holiday ASAP. If you are too, head to our website to find your next camping destination!