How to survive Christmas at a caravan park

There’s nothing more Aussie than a camping-themed Christmas, right?! The silly season is a wonderful time to spend with your friends and family, but can be quite challenging if you’re not prepared! Being far from home at Christmas can trigger a family feud worse than a game of monopoly.  We want you to have a stress free festive season, so we’ve put together our best tips to survive Christmas at a caravan park.

Research and plan ahead

First thing’s first, make a checklist! A successful, fun and stress-free road trip requires a lot of planning, especially at Christmas time. There’s more involved than just packing up the car with your clothes and toothbrush.

Your checklist should cover every detail of your trip – you’ll thank us later! You should include things like what you need to pack, campsite or holiday park information, places to explore nearby (an itinerary) and important camping accessories to bring. Don’t forget to include things in your trip that remind you of Christmas. A couple of stockings, shortbread or holiday candles don’t take up much room, and will make your campsite all the more festive!

Book your campsite or holiday park in advance

Due to the extremely busy peak season and overwhelming number of families travelling around Christmas time, booking ahead is critical. To avoid hefty rates and limited accommodation options, we recommend you book your holiday park or campground well in advance (at least three, but preferably six months ahead).

It can be annoying and frustrating comparing hundreds of websites during this time of year to see what’s still available , so we’ve made it easier for you! Check out Campstay to see what holiday parks we still have left over Christmas 2018.

Have a wet weather activity plan

While December in Australia can be stinking hot, it’s also the wet season in many parts of the country. You could be lounging around the pool in swimmers or sitting inside listening to the rain. If you want to survive Christmas at a caravan park, you’ll need a plan B for bad weather. Many say camping in the wet is far from ideal (we agree), however if you have all the right gear and a ‘wet weather plan’ in place, you’ll be able to make the most of whatever mother nature has in store! Remember to pack things like an extra tarp, raincoats, gumboots, spare clothes etc. It’s also a great idea to research some indoor activities nearby that will keep the kids from driving you bonkers! Depending on the holiday park, they may even have a games room – bonus!

Make the most of the awesome facilities

Holiday park and campground facilities generally cater for all travellers, particularly families with children. Who doesn’t love swimming on a hot summer’s day, or relaxing by the splash park reading a book?! From water activities to jumping pillows, the fun is often endless! Throughout the Christmas period, a lot of parks offer in-park entertainment, spreading lots of Christmas cheer so make the most of what’s on offer!

Be safe

The most important part of any trip is to stay safe! Regardless of where you’re travelling to, ALWAYS pack a first aid kit. You never know when you may need it. Sleeping in a tent during summer can be risky, especially with the increase in snakes. If your caravan park is located near bushland or in a very hot area, remember to zip up the tent, shut the doors and be on alert. If you’re getting very festive and having a few beers (we expect nothing less) don’t drive. The road toll at this time of year is always horrific. Drive to conditions and if the trip is lengthy, take regular rest breaks – driving tired can be a killer.

Christmas at a caravan park is an Aussie classic. So, most importantly, enjoy yourself! Bond with family and friends and relax!


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