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Top things to see and do in the Northern Territory

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The Northern Territory is an adventure seeker’s mecca. Stretching from Australia’s centre near Uluru to its coastal capital city Darwin, the NT is the home of the real outback. Famous globally for its ancient Aboriginal culture and iconic natural treasures, it has become a favourite destination for road trippers everywhere.

If you’re longing to visit and looking for epic things to see and do, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve narrowed down our favourite activities to the top five.

Uluru National Park

Comprising over 300,000 acres of Australia’s desert outback, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is home to the iconic Uluru and Kata Tjuta. This region is sacred to the local Aboriginal people. Travellers from across the globe visit this World Heritage listed national park to catch a glimpse of its geological wonders.

The Red Centre’s unique wildlife and hundred metre high ancient rock formations make incredible great photo backdrops, so don’t forget the camera.

From guided tours and ranger activities to bird watching and galleries, there’s a huge list of things to see and do. It’s worth burning the candle at both ends – you won’t see sunsets or sunrises like this anywhere else. For more information on tours and activities, visit Parks Australia.

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Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park is at the top of most people’s NT bucket list for good reason. The exotic landscapes throughout the park are teeming with wildlife and Aboriginal rock art sites. Covering about 20,000 square kilometres of unique biodiversity and remarkable natural beauty, the park has earned a World Heritage listing for both its natural and cultural assets.

From picturesque waterfalls and great hiking trails to breathtaking lookouts, you’ll be awed by Kakadu’s natural beauty. We suggest wearing comfortable shoes – you’ll need them.

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Mary River Cruise

A Northern Territory holiday is never complete without a river cruise of some sort. You may enjoy the relaxing pace of a Darwin Harbour sunset cruise or an adrenaline pumping ‘big croc’ experience. A variety of options are on offer.

The Mary River cruise is a true wilderness experience. You’ll traverse pristine wetlands and billabongs covered in pretty purple lilies. A more thrilling option is the Adelaide River cruise through Litchfield National Park. Named one of Australia’s top 10 wildlife cruises,  you may see some of the biggest crocs in the world. This is an unmissable experience.

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Kings Canyon and Watarrka National Park

Central Australia is home to many wonderful places, and Kings Canyon is one of our favourites. Located in Watarrka National Park, the ancient red walls of the canyon soar 100 metres above the ground. The creeks beneath are sheltered by an abundance of stunning flora.

Here you can explore via four-wheel-drive tracks, hiking trails or on the back of a camel. Whatever you do, don’t forget the camera. For views of the Canyon Rim, we highly recommend the 6km Rim Walk. You’ll also have views of the weathered domes of ‘The Lost City’ and the ‘Garden of Eden’. Don’t worry, there are options to suit all fitness abilities.

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Litchfield National Park

Litchfield National Park is one of the most popular places in the NT for day trips and hiking. Located near the town of Bachelor and 100km south-west of Darwin, it’s a must see. Check out the stunning waterfalls. waterholes and abundant wildlife inhabiting the area.

There are numerous walking tracks available to the public, so lace up your boots and get a move on. From the serene 3.5km walk along Walker Creek to the epic 39km Tabletop Track, you’ll enjoy awesome views and great photo ops.

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